5 Star Restorative and Retreat Program
by Yoga Skyros Academy



16673 Voula, Irakleidon 90 or Skyros Island – Call for Details

Tel.: +30 210 9649557

Email: booking@yogaskyros.com

Restore and Reset Retreat for Body and Mind in Athens - Greece
7 Days in Professional Hands

It is time now to give yourself a break and give yourself a Time Out in the fabulous and unique Yoga Skyros Academy Restoratives and Reset Retreat. We do not only talk but also walk our talk.


What is so different in the Retreat Concept of the Yoga Skyros Academy, which other Retreats do not provide? Restore and Reset your mind, body, and soul in Voula – Athens (Greece). You will immerse in a unique Restore and Retreat Program starting with assessment and needs of your Body Status. We will use the Self-Healing Power of your Body by using Yoga Therapy Sessions, Kinesiology by Dr. Goodheart, Dr. Bach Consultation Sessions and Massage Therapies. Especially suitable for Persons with a stress life or rehabilitation needs.


• Daily Yoga Therapy Sessions
• ½ Hour Meditation in the Evenings
• Daily Treatments according to the Assessment: Kinesiology, Dr. Bach Consultation and Massage Therapies I.e. Essential Oils Remedies, Hot Stone, Spine Wake Up.
• Diet and Nutrition tips for a healthy life
• Breakfast included
• 6 Nights’ accommodation


650 EURO

Skill level

•  Beginner
•  Intermediate
•  Advanced


•  Hatha Yoga for Therapy application

  • Instruction language: English, German and French
  • Spoken languages: English, German and French

•  High Class Accommodation Single Room, 2 or 3 shared Rooms

Yoga Skyros Academy Restorative and Retreat Program

The Restorative and Retreat Program is designed for the Persons, who have a professional life and constantly under stress and high tension, for Persons in rehabilitation, for Persons who are in changing life situation, for Persons who need to reset after a stress event or for Persons, who just want to let go and enjoy the surrounding of an enchanting place with designed Treatments.

After the Assessment of your Body Status you will receive not just Hatha Yoga but Hatha Yoga as Therapy. Special designed Sessions of particular Asanas in order to help you improve your Posture and connect Body and Mind. You will further receive the Science and Theory, why these Asanas are being applied. Kinesiology will remove Energy Blockages in your Body by using the Touch for Health Technic by Dr. Goodheart to detect the location of the Blockages. You will receive immediate Treatment by using i.e. Acupressure on the respective Lymphatic- and Neurovascular Points. You will receive Dr. Bach Consultations in order to remove the Negative Feelings, which are the Cause for most of our nowadays diseases. The Western Medicine treats the Symptoms; but we treat the Origin of the disease. We use individual Massage Therapies i.e. Spine Wake Up or Essential Oils to treat ailments or engage relaxation and calming process.

As for the Yoga Part the Master Carmen Hellmann and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider herself will design for you the Yoga Sessions.

As for the Holistic Treatments, the Diplom Kinesiologist/Registered Dr. Bach Practioner and Massage Therapist Dietmar Hellmann is in charge. Professionals with outstanding and proven records are taking care of you.

Typical Daily Schedule:

9.00 – 10.00 Hatha Yoga Class
10.00 -12.00 Treatments as explained above

12.00 – 16.00 Free Time to enjoy and relax i.e. hiking, swimming,
visiting Beauty Treatments, shopping etc.
17.00 – 18 00 Hatha Yoga Class
18.00 Summary and Briefing

Location and Nearby Places

The Yoga Skyros Academy is located in the enchanting Voula – Glyfada in the South of Athens on the seaside. It is called the Beverly Hills of Athens.

Features and Activities

You will enjoy the beautiful seaside and different Beach settings with Sand or Rocks. The beautiful and unique crystal-clear water. Enchanting Views of Mountain and beautiful Hikes possibilities.


Included in the package is daily breakfast.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast

Lunch, Snacks or Dinner can be prepared by using the well-equipped Master Kitchen. Usually the Teachers are team working this task. Shopping and Bio Shops are walking distance.

Optional: Lunch and Dinner included for 40 Euro per Day and Person.

Things to do (Optional)

Visit the beautiful city of Athens and the Glyfada residential area, where the yoga academy is located. Visit all the archaeology and cultural sites and dive into the mythology of Greece, or just enjoy a day at the beach for sunbathing and swimming.