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Golden Class Workshop is patented with Yoga Alliance USA and registered.

Yoga Skyros Academy program is designed to shed light on many aspects of Yoga. This Workshop is for the established Yoga Teacher and Yoga Alliance registered or other Schools. It is a Workshop for Non Yoga Teacher as well who want to understand more about Yoga and its Benefits. You will earn Credits and which are accepted by Yoga Alliance USA for your upgrade status as Yoga Teacher or the becoming Yoga Teacher. It is about to become a more complete Yoga Teacher with a deeper understanding of Yoga.


This Accreditation Workshop is to upgrade you to a new level of Yoga understanding and enables you to talk and teach the Theory with authority. It is a further starting bloc to become a Master and be able to certify other Teachers by adding the required hours of teaching specialties.

Yoga Skyros Academy Continuing Education Program

This Program is designed to not only shed more light, but to actually teach you how to give, explain and understand the Golden Class Concept patented by Yoga Skyros Academy and registered at Yoga Alliance USA.

Each class has a maximum of ten students, and this will give you the privilege to be closer to your Master and to understand not only a commercial approach of yoga but also the essence and transformation of the powerful Yoga Science.

Yoga Skyros Academy believes that you have to find balance and harmony even in a city and the best way is to study, learn, and practice Yoga in the city in a beautiful and active place in order to re-educate your life style. You will feel safe and content in here.

The Academy is based on the concept of small classes with maximum of 10 Students, high quality teaching, better learning and understanding, and better connection to your consciousness and inner peace. The following are just some aspects of the topics that you will cover during this program:

• Learn in depth the mechanical movement of the Upper, Middle and Lower Body
• Learn the proper functioning of Muscle and Skeleton structure
• Learn how to design a Class with the particularities of the above learned
• Learn the Muscle Function and how they enter with the Motion into an Asana
• Learn the consequential effects of the Body and Mind once you have understood and incorporated this knowledge
• Learn how to give a Blind Class
• Learn how to give a proper Yoga Nidra
• Become a more experienced and strive to become a more complete Teacher
• Learn about alignment and assisting with the teaching received on this knowledge about opening
• Learn to apply yoga for specific ailments such as back pain, anti-aging, sleeping disorder, weight loss, depression, menopause or hormone balancing, and arthritis, which is the specialty of Yoga Skyros Academy. The difference of the Yoga Skyros Academy concept is that the Master will train you.


The Golden Class Concept is what you invariably need to become a complete Yoga Teacher with substance and which lets you stand out of the crowd of the regular Yoga Teacher and or Instructors.


• Daily Yoga classes
• Asana with the Target of “Golden Class” specification. Registered Concept of Yoga Skyros Academy in cooperation with Yoga Alliance USA
• Yoga Alliance Credit Certificate upon completion
• 7 nights’ accommodation
• Daily breakfast included


770 EURO

Typical Daily Schedule

09:00 – 10.00 Yoga Class
10.00 – 12.30 Theory and Asana Practice
12.30 – 15.00 Lunch Break / Tutorial work with Assistant
15.00 – 17.00 Theory and Asana Practice
17.00 – 18.00 Yoga Class


Included in the package is daily breakfast.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast

Lunch, Snacks or Dinner can be prepared by using the well-equipped Master Kitchen. Usually the Teachers are team working this task. Shopping and Bio Shops are walking distance.

Optional: Lunch and Dinner included for 40 Euro per Day and Person.

Things to do (Optional)

Visit the beautiful city of Athens and the Glyfada residential area, where the yoga academy is located. Visit all the archaeology and cultural sites and dive into the mythology of Greece, or just enjoy a day at the beach for sunbathing and swimming.