200 RYT Yoga Therapy Teacher Certification
Venue: Alexandro Athanasiadi 8, 19002 Paiania

Yoga Therapy in its present is a new discipline, created by the marriage of traditional Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda Science with modern medicine. It is a specialization of Yoga, which tailors Hatha Yoga Practice to the Individual needs of people with Health Problems. It employs simple postural, breathing, relaxation and meditation practices, taking into account medical diagnosis and holistic factors. It emphasizes Mind – Body integration, extended awareness and the cultivation of a sense of Harmony with the Rest of Life. It is applicable to many chronic conditions and can be used in conjunction with other complementary therapies. Prior experiences of Yoga is not required but certainly a plus.


This Certification is to upgrade you to a new level of Yoga understanding and enables you to talk and teach the Theory. It is the starting bloc for the next Level 500 RYT and/or to become a Master and be able to certify other Teachers by adding the required hours of teaching.


• Daily Yoga Classes with Therapy Aspects
• Asana practices, Theory and Philosophy Classes
• 200 RYT Therapy Teacher Certification.
• Yoga Alliance Professional UK Registration and Certificate upon completion
• 28 nights’ accommodation
• Daily breakfast

Group sizes

The maximum Participants in the group is 10 Students.


Instruction languages: English and or French

Spoken languages: French, German, English


You will be staying at the Villa of Yoga Skyros Academy, which is 5 Star Accommodation. Student Rooms have two well equipped common Bath Rooms with Shower, Tub, Toilet, and the use of the well-equipped Master Kitchen.


Washing Machines are for your use available, which help to minimize your luggage.

Yoga Skyros Academy Greece Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

Yoga Therapy is the adaptation of Yoga to a particular set of People – those with Health Problems. Although General Yoga Classes can often help resolve mild health problems, they may be ineffective for serious conditions. We are talking for example of Coronary Heart Diseases, Management of Diabetes, Hypertensive Clients, Obesity and all the other Common Disorders i.e. Hormone Imbalance, Sleeping Disorder. Yoga Therapy tailors Yoga to Individuals, taking into account of their Medical Condition, Constitution and Life Situation. Despite being specialized, Yoga Therapy retains the basic principles and aims of Yoga. Therapy Yoga is based on the Holistic Concept and therefore includes a balanced set of practices that Calms and Vitalize the Mind and Body, as well acting on diseased Parts.
Each class has a maximum of ten students, and this will give you the privilege to be closer to your Master and to understand not only a commercial approach of yoga but also the essence and transformation of the powerful Yoga Science.
High quality teaching, better learning and understanding, and better connection to your consciousness and inner peace. The following are aspects of the topics that you will cover during this Yoga Therapy Program:

• Understanding the Connection of Yoga and Therapy

• Understanding of the difference between a Yoga Class and the Therapeutic approach.

• Analyze the Holistic approach to balance the Physical and the Mental

• Study the Basics of the Science with Patanjali in the Modern Life

• Study of Anatomy within the Asanas

• Study 30 Asanas in Detail with Anatomy and Pranayama

• Study the Causes of the Sickness and a Program for supporting the Healing Process i.e. Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Hypertensive Diseases, Obesity, Common Disorders i.e. Hormone Imbalance, Sleeping Disorders, Burn Outs.

• Study the Start and Basics and Philosophy of Indian Medicine Point of View.

• Study the importance of Nutrition, Elements, Doshas, Gunas and Marmas Points in the Science of Living.

• Learn the Importance of Chakras, Koshas and Prana in the Yoga Science.

• Learn the Therapeutic Benefit of Mantras.

• Learn Yoga Nidra and the Benefit of Meditation and Visualization

• Become a Yoga Therapy Teacher. With Templates learn to understand your Patient and support the Doctors.

• Behavior of a Yoga Therapy Teacher: Apply the Ethic of Patanjali

The difference of the Yoga Skyros Academy concept is that the Lead Teacher and Master will train you. Therefore, based on the solid foundation of their Yoga teaching concept, the new Certified Yoga Therapy Teachers can develop their Holistic understanding and add on other Holistic Specification i.e. Dr. Bach, Kinesiology on demand.
With the Yoga Therapy Teacher Training, the Academy Concept takes a completely different approach – 100 percent practical and career focused. Their graduates are qualified, competent, and employable from the day they get their Certification. Yoga Skyros Academy Therapy Teacher concept empowers and inspires. Yoga Skyros Academy offers a nurturing team environment in which to grow and evolve as Yoga Therapy Teachers and Individuals, as well as a place to make a career in Yoga. Yoga Skyros Academy has been training instructors to teach since 2005 and has set up many Hatha Yoga Teachers for success in the field of teaching Yoga. You will be able give Individual Lessons in Yoga Therapy from the Day one.

Typical daily schedule

Please note that a detailed schedule will be provided after booking.
• 08:30 Introduction of the day agenda and review
• 09:00 – 10.00 Yoga Class of 60 Minutes
• 10:00 – 12.30 Yoga Theory and Teaching
• 12:30 – 15.00 Lunch Break
• 15:00 – 17.00 Yoga Theory and Teaching
• 17:00 – 18.00 Yoga Class of 60 Minutes
• 18:00 Conclusion

Yoga Therapy Lead Teacher

Dietmar Hellmann

Dietmar Hellmann, Lead Teacher for the 200 RYT Yoga Therapy Yoga Teacher Training. Together with his Wife, Lead Teacher for 200/500 RYT Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, forming the Yoga Skyros Academy – The Temple of Hatha Yoga. During the last 9 Years worked in the Holistic Field. Registered Dr. Bach Practioner with the Dr. Bach Foundation in the UK. Clients are coming to us in order to remove Negative Feelings, which are hindering to enjoy their full life. Diplom Kinesiologist for Balancing the Energies and remove negative Emotions. Further Massage Therapist for Thai Massage, Aroma Therapy Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Indian Head Massage.
With the 200 RYT Yoga Therapy Teacher Training, we want to use Dietmar Hellmann specialty in the Holistic Field and bring it into the Yoga Therapy Teacher Training and to make our Teacher understand how important it is to increase Prana and hence to increase the Immune-system.
With our 200 RYT Yoga Therapy Teacher Training, we want to give to the Doctors additional support to heal their Patients.

Once you have completed the 200 RYT certification course, you are eligible to sign up for the high grade 500 RYT certification course.


This Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course will be held at the Villa of Yoga Skyros Academy in Paiania, Athens, Greece. Paiania and Glyfada is considered the Saint Tropez or French Riviera of Greece.

The Price is 2,700 EURO

Included in the package is daily breakfast.
The following meals are included:
• Breakfast
Lunch, Snacks or Dinner can be prepared by using the well-equipped Master Kitchen. Usually the Teachers are team working this task. Shopping and Bio Shops are walking distance.

Things to do (Optional)

Visit the beautiful city of Athens and the Paiania/Glyfada residential area, where the Yoga Academy is located. Visit all the archaeology and cultural sites and dive into the mythology of Greece, or just enjoy a day at the beach for sunbathing and swimming.

What is included

• 28 nights’ accommodation
• 200 RYT Yoga Therapy Teacher training complete courses
• Certification upon completion
• Daily breakfast

What is not included

• Airfares
• Airport transfers
• Lunch and dinner

How to get there

Arrival by airplane
Please book your flight to arrive at Athens International Airport (ATH). Transfer from and to this airport is available upon request. Taxi Cost outside the Gate is around 40 Euro. Yoga Skyros Academy send Driver. The Cost would be 45 Euro

Cancellation Policy

• The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 30 days before the arrival date.
• The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.
Contact Details: +49 176 2012 4034 MB
+30 210 964 9557