1. Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is a method specially developed to remove Stress and to manage Stress and was developed in the USA and is widely used in Europe since more then 20 Years. Kinesiology goes back to the Chinese Acupuncture and its Energy Model. Therefore is based on the relationship between Energy line in the human body (Meridians) and related Organs.

The theory of meridians and collaterals established 2000 years ago was the final result and experience gained by the Chinese People, in their struggle against diseases and constitutes one of the important components of the basic theories of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). We know Yin and Yang Meridians and the idea is to keep body fluid flowing throughout our systems in a seamless and untroubled way because this is what feeds our organs and keeps us balanced.

This phenomenon in the 60’s was recognized by the American chiropractic Dr. George Goodheart, that Meridians and Organs further are connected to particular Muscles. Goodheart named it the applied Kinesiology. Dr. John Thie then further wrote and developed the Touch for Health in 1960’s.

As a non-invasive therapy, Touch for Health as an energy kinesiology is basically a hands-on advent to wellness. It determines where the imbalances lie in the combined spirit, body and mind and not only in the body, like in the western medicine.

Dr. John Thie realized that muscles could tell us a great deal about our state of health. He found that the muscles could be strengthened by pressing gently, and by massaging other, seemingly unrelated, areas of the body to detect any blockages and remove stressful blocks. This is because the body is an integral whole, with all its major organs and systems connected by energy circuits or meridians. They power the system and link the muscles to different organs.

Using muscle testing, the effects of stress on the neurological areas of the body, such as the brain and spinal column are determined. Using its own energy for healing, the limbs and body are placed in a prescribed positions and pressure is gently applied.

Energy kinesiology uses the combination of muscle monitoring and energy healing to treat a host of emotional stresses such as anxiety, depression and burnout, amongst others as well as nutrition and learning difficulties.
Using muscle testing in a defined way, Kinesiologist can identify which imbalances are causing certain disruptions in your body. The muscle strength is evaluated and many of the emotional discomfort can be alleviated over time with a course of simple skin surface manipulations such as rubbing and using pressure points. Illness and Stress can severely affect the strength of muscles, their energy and the signals between the brain and muscles, which is where energy kinesiology is most effective.

Used for many centuries, kinesiology has used muscle balancing to remove blockages by way of lymphatic pressure and massage. It’s a holistic therapy that cannot be ignored, thanks to its effective results. By re-balancing muscle alignment – the very foundations that we abuse and take for granted on a daily basis – this treatment allows us to feel recharged and ready for the stresses of modern day living.

We at Yoga Skyros and Hellmann’s Fitness Academy are specialized in this Method and are ready to help people to activate their self-healing power and find inner balance and harmony again.

2. Dr. Bach Flower and its Power

In 1930 Dr. Bach, an English Surgeon found and developed the 38 Flowers. This is as well – like Kinesiology – a holistic approach to help and activate the self-healing Power of the Body. Dr. Bach was of the opinion that everybody can actively create his or her own wellbeing. Negative Emotions like Impatiens, Indecisiveness, Fear, Worries, Loneliness and Despair can affect the entire Body and Soul. Dr. Bach tested and scientifically proved that the essence of i.e. Cherry Plum, Mimulus, Rock Star or Star of Bethlehem can remove those negative Emotions. If these Negative Emotions are kept and stay for longer Period it will have an influence on the Physical Body and Organs and will cause invariably illnesses.

In our Consultation we at Yoga Skyros and Hellmann’s Fitness Academy we will define your personal negative emotions and prepare the Flower Potions needed to help to find back harmony and inner balance.

Dietmar Hellmann
Diplom Kinesiologist and Dr. Bach Flower Practioner