Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Skyros:

From the beginning we teach students to trust their body, to understand it and to experience the result of the training.

We provide and offer Yoga Teacher Training and Certification in 3 Stages:

First Level is the Foundation of Yoga Teacher. 200h YA registration

Second Level is the completion of Yoga Teacher. 500 YA registration

Third Level is the Yoga Alliance Continuing Yoga Education Provider (YACEP)

Founders are Carmen Hellmann and Dietmar Hellmann, who have done their own way through physical and mental development to reach the spiritual stage of Inner-Peace. They have created a simple and logical method, which includes Ayurveda, Fitness, the Yoga Science and offering stirring insights on self-transformation thru positive and affirmative thoughts.

We in Yoga Skyros use all the tools of Yoga: Breathing, Sound, Visualization and meditation and tailor them to the client’s special requirements.

Yoga Skyros is officially registered at Yoga Alliance USA and is further Yoga Alliance Continuing Yoga Education Provider (YACEP).

Carmen Hellmann

Lead Trainer at Yoga Skyros