SKYROS – Island: Workshop for 200/500 RYT Yoga Teacher

Date: Once a Year. Date of teaching will be given upon requests.


House Apsara , 34007 Skyros – Island

Yoga Skyros IKE Yoga Teacher Certification 200/500 RYT with the Master and Yoga Alliance Continuing Yoga Education Provider (YACEP)

What is so different and special about the Yoga Skyros Ltd. teaching and concept? Yoga Skyros will not only teach Yoga, Inspire Students; but Change Lives… Join the fastest-growing group of Yoga Teaching Professionals in the world. You are four-weeks away from an exciting and rewarding new career in the YOGA World. Our Program is designed to not only shed Light on many aspects of yoga, but to actually teach you how to use Yoga and to lead a substantial, effective Yoga class!

Our Academy is based on the Concept of small classes, high quality teaching, better learning and understanding and better connection to your consciousness and inner peace.

The following are just some aspects of the topics that we will cover in our program:

• Learn about alignment and assisting

• Learn how to teach with your voice and your hands, how to encourage and inspire people and how to use your body language to enhance a class

• Learn how to give safe and effective hands-on adjustment and also about the different styles and intentions of touch

• Hone your presentation and communication skills so that you can deliver a class in concise manner and connecting with all students

• Learn how to teach a Yoga class as a workout for the body, mind and spirit

• Learn how to sequence Asanas in a fluid manner and unite breathe with movement

• Learn how to read bodies, physically and emotionally, as well as the energy of the group or individual

• Learn basic physiology and anatomy

• Learn how to market yourself and learn the business side of running an effective yoga studio

• Delve into yoga ethics and the student-teacher relationship

• Explore the history of Yoga with the ancient text of the Masters

• Learn to apply Yoga for specific Ailments such as Back Pain, Anti Aging, Sleeping Disorder, Weight Loss, Depression, Menopause/Hormones balancing and Arthritis, which is the specialty of Yoga Skyros Ltd.

• Learn about Marma Points, which is an integral Part of todays Yoga and the Yoga Skyros Ltd. It is unthinkable to be a Yoga Teacher and not know about Marma Points.

The difference of the Yoga Skyros Ltd. Concept is that the Master will train you. Therefore based on the solid foundation of our Yoga Teaching Concept the new certified Yoga Instructors can develop and add on other Yoga styles on demand. With our Yoga Teacher training we take a completely different approach – 100 percent practical and career focused. Our graduates are qualified, competent and employable from the day they get their Certification. Yoga Skyros Ltd. Teacher Concept empowers and
inspires. Yoga Skyros Ltd. offers a nurturing team environment in which to grow and evolve as teachers and individuals, as well as a place to make a career in Yoga. Yoga Skyros Ltd. has been training instructors to teach since 2005 and has set up many yoga instructors for success in the field of teaching Yoga. You will be able to teach from Day 1, this is our specialty.

Carmen Hellmann
The Master and Lead Teacher

Yoga Master and Lead Teacher and Yoga Alliance Continuing Yoga Education Provider (YACEP)


2,400 EURO – 1 Month Intensive Training

Typical Daily Schedule

Detailed Schedule will be provided after booking …

8.30 – 9.00 Introduction of the Day Agenda and Review

9.00 -11.00 Asanas Practice

11.00 -11.30 Coffee Break

11.30 – 13.30 Yoga Philosophy

13.30 – 14.30 Yoga Lunch (Food can be provided on demand)

14.30 – 16.00 Philosophy

16.00 – 16.30 Coffee Break

16.30 – 18.00 Chakra Asanas Practice

18.00 -18.30 Conclusion

Special Highlights

Visit the beautiful Skyrian Horses Center and visit hidden beaches
and enjoy the Sunrise on a quiet beach. Visit all the Archaeology and Cultural Sites and in Skyros and dive into Mythology of Greece. Enjoy the evening life style in the Village.

Included are Accommodation and Breakfast. On request we provide and book higher style of accommodation – Hotel/Boutique Hotel.

How to come to Skyros - Greece?

1. Flight to Athens – Greece and transfer to plane to Skyros. Alternative is Bus transfer plus Ferry to the Island.