Sri Aurobindo wrote: “Life is Yoga”. Billions of pages have been written about yoga. This page is about our Yoga.

We spend the last 20 Years in Asia learning and studying the Buddhist Psychology and the natural method for wellbeing with the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

In Hellmann’s Fitness Academy in Skyros – Greek Island, we have developed the natural answers to relieve physical and mental pain of our modern Life and offer these on private scale to everybody.

Yoga, Kinesiology Consultation, Dr. Bach Consultation, Fitness and Massage Therapy are our signature specialties.

Dr. Bach stated in 1931 in his famous book “Heal Thyself” the following:
‘The Physician of the Future will be to assist the patient to acknowledge of himself and to point out to him the fundamental mistakes he may making, the deficiencies in his character, which he should remedy, and the defects in his nature, which must be eradicated and replaced by the corresponding virtues.”

In Yoga Skyros Glyfada we follow the basics and help the Client’s and enlighten them on the reason of their being, and to inspire hope, comfort and faith, which will enable them to conquer their unbalance.

With the holistic approach of Dr. Bach and Kinesiology developed by Dr. John F. Thie, we help the Client to active the self-healing power and to treat the original cause of the disorder.

With Pure Yoga we can reconquering the lost body and make the final union of body and mind.