Dietmar Hellmann
Diplom Kinesiologist - Dr. Bach Practioner –
Massage Therapist

Dietmar Hellmann – Holistic therapist for 10 years and is a diploma

Kinesiologist, Dr. Bach practioner and massage therapist with

Specialty spine reflex massage. Practices, conducts and teaches in

the Yoga Skyros Academy, The Temple of Hatha Yoga, the Holistic


It’s not about what you have done. Life is about what you want to do and where you want to go.
After 30 years working in senior corporate positions all over the world Dietmar Hellmann decided to apply himself to that which he is passionate about.
In 2004 he made his decision and began his journey of change. It is something we can all do. It is just a matter of making choices that are good for YOU !!
Dietmar’s passionate about health and fitness. He is also a sports enthusiast and since 2007 he is a Professional registered Tennis coach. For more than 6 years he has been teaching tennis in Hong Kong.
Having made his choice he sought out the best and enrolled in the famous Wat Po Traditional Medical School in Bangkok and received his certification in Thai massage.
From there he realized that Ayurveda was a vital part of the jigsaw and studied and became certified in Aroma Massage, Hot Stone massage, Indian Head Massage at the renowned ISBC (International Spa and Beauty College) of Hong Kong.
In 2015 Dietmar received the Level III and became Registered Dr. Bach Practioner at the Dr. Bach Foundation UK. In 2016 he received his Diploma for Kinesiology.
After many years honing his skills Dietmar made a decision to make his talent and the lessons he learned along the way available to all.
Dietmar’s uniqueness is his ability and desire to connect. To feel and identify what it is that you may need. His intuitive sense to understand with compassion and care is a gentle yet powerful connection. Healing hands that understand and offer remedy and relief from pain.