Anti Aging


Every Year at every Birthday we see we are getting older and less active. It is a reality that we feel that we are getting older and getting tired fast. By just seeing the number and blowing the Birthday Cake Candle we accept the fact that we are getting old and …this is wrong. With a healthy Diet and proper Lifestyle and training smart we can slow down the process of biological aging.


Yoga Skyros with its special design Yoga sequence has the tool to change the biological aging and train smart. With its Yoga it will increase Prana and fights and slows down the aging process.


Depression, Anxiety, Stress, no motivation and worst the Fun to live is in our mind.With Dr. Bach Consultation and the right mixture of Bach Flowers: Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem to stop and delete this thinking.You will be reformatted and enjoy Life.


Healthy Food, no smoking and no alcohol is the remedy for Anti Aging. Lot of vivid Food and raw Food is required. Promote fresh Food from the Garden and add Germ i.e. Sports.

   Stress Relief:

With our signature Kinesiology Consultation we will remove all blockages and you will be relieved of all Stress. Yoga Skyros recommends further Hot Stone Massage Therapy with the proper Aroma essential Oils like Peppermint, Geranium and Ginger.


Those recommendations do not replace a doctor diagnostic.