Back pain


Back pain in most of the cases we treat are from wrong posture. Sitting or standing too much or lifting and twisting your body into uncomfortable Position. Smoking with many risk for diseases can also cause Back pain. Cold Air or Drafts are many times a reason for Back pain and result in Sciatica pain.


Yoga Skyros treatment are specific Back bends, Side Bends, Twists. Proper assistance of performing these Asanas will wake up and move the spine to release the tension wherever it is located. Only specific trained Yoga Teacher can perform these treatments the proper way.


Back pain are related to the Muladhara Chakra and an imbalance will lead to Emotions like insecurity, feeling of poor me, irresponsible feeling and attitude, feel do not control or control to much. Dr. Bach Consultation with the Flower: Willow and Cherry Plum will reverse these negative feelings and make you feel whole again.

   Diet and Oils:

Eating of rich foods, such as meat and fish. Yoga Skyros will prepare a special Aroma Oil Blend for the Massage Treatments. Here we will use Rosemary, Marjoram and Lavender with our special Base Oil.


Kinesiology Consultation will relieve the Back Pain with acupressure Neurolymphatic and Neurovascular Points. Hips and shoulder bones will be treated, since they are connected to the lymphatic systems. Hot Stone and Aroma Essential Oil Massage are the core aids for treatment.


Those recommendations do not replace a doctor diagnostic.