Menopause is defined as occurring 12 Month after your last menstrual period. Symptoms are hot flashes, night sweats, abnormal vaginal bleeding, itching, dryness and pain, urinary symptoms and weight gain. Menopause happens in your 40s or 50s, but average i.e age is 51 in the US. It ends fertility, but you can stay healthy, vital and sexual. In this Phase of Life Women have to adjust and find again the balance and harmony. Yoga Skyros will help you to find it.


All the Asanas which help the Swadishthara Chakra to balance will be applied by Yoga Skyros. All Forward and Back Bend will be applied.


The Feelings which come up are no power to make resolutions, become addicted easily, compulsiveness, lack or overabundance sexual desire.Sexuality, Creativity, likes/dislikes, desire/lust and greed are touched and need help by our Yoga Skyros.Dr. Bach Consultation and the treatment of this negative Feeling with the Flower: Scleranthus and Olive are the tools to manage them within yourself and reverse them.

   Diet and Oils:

It is essential to drink plenty of liquids, especially water. Light Food is highly recommended. No alcohol or wine and no smoking.Yogatherapy SK applies essential oils such as Jasmine, Rose or Clary Sage for the Aroma Massage Therapy.


Kinesiology Consultation is a must and will help you release. We touch the Neurolymphatic and Neurovascular Points and inner body laboratory and to produce exactly what is needed, including hormones and neuro-chemicals. With Hot Stone and Aroma essential oils we stimulate and ease the ways for Prana to pass.


Those recommendations do not replace a doctor diagnostic.