Sleeping Disorder


Nightmares, Delayed Sleep Pattern (DSPD), Insomnia, Sleepwalking, Sleep Talking, Stress in your Job, Fatigue, Excessive Sleep, Worries and not enough physical exercises are the major reasons for Sleeping Disorder.


Yoga Skyros strongly recommends inverted Asanas with a specific routine. Pranayama before sleeping.


Avoid all anxiety during day and afternoon. Establish a ritual before going to bed i.e. light a candle, Heat essential Oil like Lavender or Jasmine, drink a glass of warm milk, say a prayer and read soothing literature. State affirmative sentences like “ I will sleep very peaceful and will wake at 6 in the morning.” Bach Consultation with the Rescue Night Formula will help to find a restful sleep.


No exciting foods like garlic, onions, no smoking and no alcohol. Eat calm food like rice or light noodle soup. User cardamon and cinnamon and drink a chamomile tea.


Kinesiology Consultation and a “Fix as You Go” (Specialty of Kinesiology) is for Sleeping Disorder a must to have. Aided with Hot Stone Therapy Massage and Aroma essential Oils will fight Sleeping Disorder and help you having a restful and healthy sleep.


Those recommendations do not replace a doctor diagnostic.